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Gesendet: Dienstag, 08. Januar 2013 um 15:20 Uhr
Von: Präsident
An: info@ccprcentre.org, "Werner Faymann - Bundeskanzler" <kabhbk@bka.gv.at>
Cc: szlezak.herbert@gmx.at, "Dr. Wolfgang Lederbauer" <wolfgang.lederbauer@chello.at>, "Mag.a Barbara Prammer - Nationalratspräsidentin" <barbara.prammer@parlament.gv.at>, "Dr.Heinz Fischer - Bundespräsident" <heinz.fischer@hofburg.at>, "Werner Faymann - Bundeskanzler" <kabhbk@bka.gv.at>
Betreff: CCPR Austria

Dear Madams and Sirs,
what is the official state of Austria?

According to my information Austria 1978 ratified CCPR with retention. That means the CCPR does not have any meaning for real live in Austria.

35 years are gone and this status didn't change till now. Austria seems to be an abusing country telling everybody CCPR is ratified with ( but with retention ). The information about CCPR not being an applicable law in Austria is hidden, only victims know about that.

Several cases document the problem, but neither the cancelor Faymann, nor president Dr. Fischer, President of the Parliament Mag. Prammer or any member of the parliament seems to have a problem with that. They do just nothing and fall silent.



There is also an interview recorded in Swizerland telling about the problems in Austria.

Are there any sanctions?
Austria should be on the list with overdue contries failing to implement CCPR since 35 years.

Can you provide a list of countries where CCPR is really an applicable law?

Documentation: www.saubere-haende.org/typo3/index.php

Best regards

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