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REPORTER: xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx



E-MAILcxxxxx@xxxx.com,3xxxxxx@xxx.com ,


COMPANY ADDRESS: Apartment No. 3xxxx, xxxxxxx, xxxxxx xxxxx Towers,P.O.Box xxxxxx, Dubai, U.A.E



1.NAME: Wxxxx Wxxxx



Online Skype:Wxxxxx Wxxxxxx


2.NAME: Axxxxx  Lxxxxxx




TEL:+45369xxxxxxx    +436886xxxxxxxx

Skype: Sxxxxx Ltd


           On 2015 JULY 19th, Our company fxxxxxxx( which located in Dubai) received the selling offer of criminal suspect Axxxx  Lxxxxwe do not know whether this is his real name. Through discussion with  Mr.Axxx in skype and e-mail, both of us agreed to sign a trial contract of 25mt sponge petroleum coke, xx$ cif per metric ton. He sent us a proforma invoice on July 21st. Our company Fxxxxxx transferred 30% amount xxx$ to his account . Bank Name Sxxxx  LTD    Beneficiary Account:AT87150000078xxxxxx        Bank Name : OBERBANK AG payment receipt in attachment.

           On August 17th, Mr.Axxxx said that the freight was too high for sending one container, so we had to make the order of 4 containers and pay xxxxx$ to his account . we transferred xxxx$ to his account on 17th.  Bank Name :OBERBANK AG.   Beneficiary Name :Sxxxxxx LTD        Beneficiary Account  No./IBAN/Credit Card No. AT87150000078xxxxx ( payment receipt is in attachment). On August 18th, Mr.Axxxx said there was some problem with his account, we should send money to his another account and promised he would return money back to us, so we sent xxxx$ again to his bank account:  Bank Name :RAIFFEISENLANDESBANK OO      Beneficiary Name : Sxxxxx LTD  Beneficiary Account No./IBAN/Credit Card No. AT9034000000013xxxxxxx( payment receipt is in attachment) .

             On 19th August, Mr. Axxx said there was some problem with his this account, so we should send xxxx$ to his another bank! Bank Name: Volkskreditbank AG   Account Name: Sxxxxx LTD     Account Number: 1156xxxx   Swift code: VKBLAT2L    IBAN: AT88186000001156xxxx    Adress: 4050 Traun, Hauptplatz,Austria.  We refused to pay again. we said we would pay money to his another account unless he returned all money we had sent. He said it would took 10 days. On September 2nd, we received xxxx$ from RAIFFEISENLANDESBANK OO .But until now we have not received money from his another bank :OBERBANK AG. Now, Mr. Axxxx let us pay insurance money xxxxx euro to him. Bank Name: Danske Bank  SWIFT: DABADKKK   Account Name:Sxxxx Ltd   Account No:319472xxxx re aware that we are cheated! we have lost  xxxx$  !

             We provide all useful documents in attachment including the suspect company profile, contact information, registration certificate, all bank details and passport scan. We hope the police can make the investigation asap and arrest these defrauders to help us get money we lost! Do not let these bad guys defraud more companies! We hope the police can reply to us as soon as possible. We are willing to cooperate with police to solve this crime!


     Best regards,

      xxxxxxx  ,xxxxx  

    2015 September 18th

From:  "BMI-II-BK-5-2-C4-Meldestelle";<BMI-II-BK-5-2-C4-Meldestelle@bmi.gv.at>;

Date:  Mon, Sep 21, 2015 03:21 PM

To:  xxxxxxxx;

Subject:  AW: HELP!! POLICE REPORT!! from fxxxxxxx

Dear Mr. xxxxxxx,


thank you for your information!


Please contact the local police authorities in Dubai with your request and let them advise you. The usual course of a complaint for any further investigations in the criminal justice leads over the local police station to the foreign countries. In Austria it´s not possible to make an “online” criminal complaint.


Kind regards,


Federal Ministry of the Interior

Austria General Directorate for Public Security

Criminal Intelligence Service Austria


.BK 5.2 C4 – Point of Contact (TH)


Josef-Holaubek-Platz 1

1090 Wien





2015-09-21 11:59 GMT+04:00 together <xxxxxxx>:

Dear Mrs.xxxxxx,

This is the reply from Austria BMI-II-BK-5-2-C4-Meldestelle@bmi.gv.at.  now we can only make an online report  since we are not in Austria .  And we are not sure whether the dubai police will send our request to Austria police. we think the best means is to contact Austria police directly and let them make the investigation , but now they say"   In Austria it´s not possible to make an “online” criminal complaint  "  .    Dear Mrs.Ingvild,do you have some acquaintances in Austria who can help us about that? or what do you think  we can do now ? We really need your precious advice. Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

Bree, Cheng hangjian  

Gesendet: Sonntag, 27. September 2015 um 07:35 Uhr
Von: xxxxxxxxx
An: together <xxxxxx>
Cc: 程xx <xxxxx>, "Bernhard Lassy" <praesident@saubere-haende.org>
Betreff: Re: HELP!! POLICE REPORT!! from fxxxxxxx

Dear Mr. xxxxx

I have contacted a friend who could help you to open a criminal case in Austria. Please send him all the documents and also our correspondence, especially the TUV certificate which is fake. I have added him cc on this email so that he is kept in the loop.

In case of any query please do not hesitate to contact me for any help you may need.

Kind regards,



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