19 October 2019    
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Hiya everyone,

Just wanted to share my bad experience about working with a lawyer (yes, here comes another one) in Dubai.


I know how common cases like this in Dubai are, but I never expected cheating from the one that I am going to talk about now. This “lovely” old Syrian grandpa’s name is Dr. Mohammed Ziad Al Kawadri, he works as a lawyer in the U.A.E, and you would never thought that he is such a scammer, looking and talking to him. Especially after meeting up with him for the first time he gave a great impression, of being an experienced (he should be in his 70s right now), spent most of his life around Europe – Germany, Switzerland and Austria to be precise, he even told me that he used to own an airline back in Germany in 1980s.


The reason I chosen him to be my lawyer was the fact that he told me that he is a member of every possible guild of lawyers across the Emirates and the World, and that he has “like a billion years experience” of working as a lawyer and so on, moreover if you would look at him you would never think that he will take your money and will never get back at you, I mean the guy is in his 70s, looks professional, speaks good English, German and French, lives in Dubai with his family, has a legit looking office and so on.

Moreover he always repeated that his reputation in the UAE is enormous and he would never risk having a mark on it. Though he never disappeared, but after laying out his price-list for his services and we agreed on the action on my case, and after paying him the money he had requested, from that point of time every time I called or talked to him, he gave me some excuses and never did anything at the court or with my case at all. Therefore more than 2 years gone now, nothing changed – he has not disappeared from Dubai, he keeps working there and still scamming people, by pretending to be a lawyer, collects money and doesn’t do a thing.

He never proceeded with my case, nor with the people that I know, who also had a same experience with him. Plus he never returned my money. So just remember the name – Doctor Mohammed Ziad Al Kawadri and stir away from him and his “lawyer services”.

Katherine V

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