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Together with Mag. Ingvild Moritsch we set up this text which was sent by using above mail portal. The text was prepared on 25 of June 2011.


Your Highness,
as you are known for your wisdom and strong sense for justice I, Ing. Bernhard Lassy, as president of Saubere-Haende, an association fighting corruption and misuse of authority, would like to contact you for a case related to the United Arab Emirates which is published on our website: www.saubere-haende.org/typo3/index.php . Dr. Mohammed Ziad Naim Al Kawadri, a Syrian national, claims to be a lawyer admitted to the Courts of the United Arab Emirates whereas I cannot find him neither on the official lawyer's list of Dubai Court nor on the list published by the Ministry of Justice.

He seems to have forged documents amongst others a Certificate of Appointment of the German Consulate General wherein he is appointed to take legal actions on behalf and in favor of German citizens. Based on those documents he gained trust of his victims who believed that the respective missions had checked his qualifications. Additionally he was even issued documents by the Austrian and German consulate where he was appointed to represent a particular Austrian or German national and seen in public with the Austrian consul at various occasions. Those documents opened his way to police stations, jail, court and prosecution.

His victims had to sign a general power of attorney which he misused in manifold ways. Some of his client were sentenced and in jail although innocent because Mr. Kawadri did not show up at court or he might have sold his client to the counter party. He is out on bail at present and a few cases are opened against him but as he threatens his victims they are scared to turn to the authorities. People who are fighting against him are threatened, so was I, as documented on the website www.saubere-haende.org/typo3/index.php .

Some of the victims would like to ask Your Highness for the opportunity to speak about their case as a last resort because their cases cannot be appealed anymore. According to my knowledge the information about the criminal offenses of Mr. Kawadri had been passed on to the local authorities but he is still going in and out of court and prosecution almost every day.

As you are known for fighting corruption yourself I hope that you could help the victims of Mohammed Ziad Naim Al Kawadri. I can provide you with the names of a delegation once Your Highness might provide us with the opportunity to present some of the cases. A lot of the victims are too weak and financially distressed and our example might encourage them to report their case. The biggest enemy of corruption is publicity. I would like to thank Your highness for the attention granted. In case of any information Your Highness may wish to obtain, please do not hesitate to contact me any time.

Yours faithfully

Bernhard Lassy - President of "Saubere Haende" - society to combat against malpractice

+43 699 1005 6327

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