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Von: "Bernhard Lassy - Saubere Hände - Präsident" <praesident@saubere-haende.org>
Gesendet: 04-Jul-2011 09:13:58
An: Delegation-Saudi-Arabia@eeas.europa.eu
Betreff: malpractice in UAE

Dear Madams and Sirs
as the EU’s foreign affairs policies and programs offer protection to European citizens travelling abroad I, as president of an Austrian based organization fighting corruption, want to contact you on behalf of some European citizens in Dubai who are victims of Mohammad Ziad Naim Al Kawadri and kindly request you to represent them in front of the ruler of Dubai and vice president of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and upon request at other local authorities.

Ref to website "Dr." Kawadri introduces himself as the leading lawyer of the United Arab Emirates claiming to have lectured law in Germany and UAE and to be appointed as legal advisor to some of the EU member State's missions, namely Germany, Austria and Spain amongst others. He is showing  appointment letters of the embassies and consulates to gain the trust of his victims. As he has been frequently seen with the Austrian consul and is on good terms with all the missions, his victims finally contract with him without checking his qualifications and admission to the Bar. They assumed that the German consulate and the Austrian and Spanish embassy had done due diligence before appointing Mohammad Ziad Naim Al Kawadri as their designated lawyer.

It is proven that some of those appointment letters had been forged, supposedly by Mr. Kawadri himself. When the issue was reported at the German Consulate General and in particular the vice Opens internal link in current windowconsul Martin Tscherner, the vice consul did not take any legal actions against Mr. Kawadri and displayed some strange behavior. A complaint was filed at the Foreign Office in Berlin which apparently triggered an investigation into Martin Tscherner who was arrested for Human Trafficking on May 21st 2011 in Berlin.

Another complaint had been lodged at the Ministry of European and International Affairs in Vienna. When the fact that Mr. Kawadri neither has legal qualifications nor is he admitted to the Bar, had been brought to the attention of the Austrian consul and ambassador, they did not disassociate themselves from Mr. Kawadri but lauded the services Dr. Kawadri had rendered to the Republic of Austria. They have appointed him frequently to represent Austrian nationals as lawyer and approved of the victims as collateral damage.

After the consul failed to render assistance in an emergency the concerned victim contacted the Ministry of European and International Affairs to send a substitute as the consul is lacking impartiality in this case but was denied help. There is obviously a conflict of interest to be represented by the consul who obviously took side of “Dr.” Kawadri.

To underline my concern there are criminal cases opened or in the process to be opened against Kawadri for forgery, breach of trust, fraud, blackmailing, betrayal of a party, human trafficking and more.

Today, I could document, that the Ministry of European and International Affairs in Vienna Opens internal link in current windowclosed down the domain http://www.austrianembassy.ae  where Dr. Kawadri was enlisted as recommended translator.

I would highly appreciate your support in this sensitive issue and hope that you could take over the responsibility of the consulates to represent European citizens and bring the case of “Dr.” Kawadri to the attention of His Highness.

Sincerely Yours

Best Regards
Bernhard Lassy
Ing. Bernhard Lassy, MSc.(OU)

Präsident -- www.saubere-haende.org

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