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Druckansicht generelle Unschuldsvermutung

Von: "Bernhard Lassy"
Gesendet: 24-Mar-2006 10:09:19
An: "Nick Buckles" <enquiries@g4s.com>
Betreff: Mag. Neumann

Hello Mr. Nickles,
I want to inform you about the "real reason" why "Mag. Harald Neumann" left "Bundesrechenzentrum Austria" and joined G4S.


Mag. Neumann is responsible for a big loss of money because of his incompetence (that is my personal opinion). Watch carefully what he is doing, I hope he performs in your company better than in BRZ.

The "Bundesministerium für Inneres" www.bmi.gv.at investigates a project done by Mag. Neumann ( ELAK-im-BUND ).

sincerely yours
Bernhard Lassy

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