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Comment "Saubere Hände" - President . Lassy  : this biography was sent to us and seems to be authentic. We commented the autobiography.



Dubai, November 06th, 2009

Dear Sxxxxx,


I am not and was never good at writing an autobiography.

Nonetheless, I would like to give you in brief those facts of my career which might be relevant to your show as follows:

I was born in Damascus on the 24th of June 1950,
this information is not true check this


Studied at the university of Damascus Jurisprudence and graduated 1972 (in Arabic).


Studied at “Ludwigs- Maximilians University” of Munich the discipline of “Volkswirtschaft” which is equivalent to the study of “National Economy”, a combination of Law, macro finance (Taxes, etc.) and economics and graduated 1977 (in German) as Diplom Volkswirt (=diplomaed Economist).
This information is wrong check this Kawadri graduated 1963. If Kawadri graduated 1963 and the studies lasted about 5 years, he must have ben younger than 18 at the university in Damaskus, we think he didn't study in Damaskus.


I worked then in Munich as an Assistant to Prof. Ferdinand Ferid who was editing a Handbuch der vergleichenden Rechtslehre (= Handbook of Comparative Law).

We didn't find any publications of a Prof. Ferdinand Ferid, but we found Prof. Murad Ferid who worked on Comparativ Law at Ludwig-Maximilians-University. (Publications Prof. Murad Ferid ). We could not find any publication of Prof. Ferdinand Ferdi in Germans National Library catalogs.  26.07.2012 Antwort aus München


I translated for Prof. Ferid several Marriage Laws from Arabic/Spanish into German.


I was regularly invited to a girl club in Munich Germany which was called “Verein der Freundinnen Junger Mädchen”(= Club of the friends of young girls) in order to brief girls about the risks of marriage with a foreigner, in particular with an Arab. Despite my briefing, none of the warned girls had changed her marriage plan and I was always invited to the wedding.


1980, Prof. Ferid accepted a US invitation as a guest Professor from the Law School of the University of Michigan  in Ann Arbor. I was honored to be permitted to work as his assistant in Ann Arbor during his invitation year (in English).


I worked then for several law offices in Michigan and moved in June 1985 to an associated law office in Mexico City until mid 1989, when I received and accepted an offer to work for a law office in the UAE.


We think the stories beginning at 1980 are wrong because of that:
Link 1977
Link 1980
Link 1986


From 1988 onward, I worked as a legal and financial adviser to the chambers of Industry & Commerce in Riyyadh, Kuwait, Munich and Dubai.


Presently I am a legal adviser of the Austrian, German, Spanish and Greek embassies in the UAE. Through their accreditation I can immediately intercede in favor of their nationals with the various authorities of the UAE (Police station, Prosecution, Courts etc.) without a special power of attorney from the concerned nationals who typically get caught somewhere and otherwise cannot appoint me as a lawyer without the involvement of a Notary Public.


We are missing the information where Kawadri made his Dr.
Also we are missing his records at University of Gainsville / Florida.   He never studied  in Florida.


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